DIY Macaron and Flower Gift Box

Looking for some inspiration for mother’s day this year? Check out this tutorial for a DIY mother’s day macaron gift box. Matcha, Chai, Hot Chocolate and Blueberry Cheesecake macarons, packaged up in a cute little box with fresh flowers – you’re mum will absolutely love this macaron flower box this mother’s day.

Holding a box of green, brown, cream and purple macarons.

Tools you’ll need

To make this macaron gift box with flowers, you’ll need:

  • Fresh flowers: The flowers will not come into contact with the macarons, so you do not need to use edible flowers. But as they will be near food, avoid poisonous flowers if at all possible.
  • Cardboard gift boxes: I found mine from a local two-dollar store. You’ll need one larger box and several boxes that fit snuggly inside.
  • Tissue paper: This will hide any unsightly packaging and add padding in cases when the small boxes don’t quite fit the big ones.
  • Cellophane: We’ll use this to protect the macarons from the flowers
  • Floral Foam Wet Brick: This provides the foundational structure to arrange the flowers.
  • Water: To keep the flowers fresh.
  • Plastic Bag: To keep the moisture within the flower section (and stop the macarons from getting wet).
  • Scissors
  • Knife
  • Macarons

Mother’s Day Macaron Flavors

The beauty of this gift is you can load it with any type of flavors and flowers you like. Not sure what flavor macarons mom might like? As a starting point check out the macaron recipes on my website. This particular box is filled with my hot chocolate macarons, blueberry cheesecake macarons, matcha macarons (recipe coming soon) and chai spice macarons (recipe coming soon).

The best thing about macarons is that the flavour combinations are absolutely limitless. One of my favourite resources for macaron inspiration is Camila at Pies and Tacos, she has so many macaron recipes on her website (I haven’t counted, but there surely must be more than 100!) and has released several macaron recipe books as well – if you’re stuck for ideas, I highly recommend her resources.

As a side note, you could totally use store bought macarons. The gift will look just as impressive (although may not taste the same) but if your short on time and macaron baking confidence, this is totally a great option too. Do try making macarons one day though, once you master the technique you’ll be hooked!

How to make this DIY Macaron & Flower Gift Box

Here’s a quick instructional video of how I made this flower macaron gift box. Full instructions are below.

I hope you love making this gift box as I have, let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Happy gifting x

Box od macarons and flowers sitting on a concrete bench
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How to make a macaron flower gift box

Macarons and flowers wrapped up in this cute little box. This flower and macaron gift box makes a wonderful DIY mother's day gift and is also perfect for Galentine's day.
Yield: 1 Box


  • Knife
  • Scissors


  • Fresh flowers
  • Macarons
  • 1 Large gift box
  • 3-4 Smaller gift boxes (as many as will neatly fit in the larger box)
  • Cellophane
  • Tissue Paper
  • Thin plastic bag
  • Rice
  • Floral Foam Wet Brick


  • Arrange smaller boxes inside the larger box to divide up the area. Choose which sections will be allocated for flowers and which will have macarons.
  • Place a layer of tissue paper in the section which will have flowers, then line it with your plastic bag. Make sure this is completely water tight and has no holes.
  • Cut the foam brick to size so that it neatly fits within the space allocated to flowers.
  • Pour some water over the foam block, ensuring that it is thoroughly soaked.
  • Cut the flowers to size by trimming the stems so that the base of the flower rests on top of the foam brick. If you plan to store the box with the lid on top, endure that the flowers do not sit any higher than the top edge of the box.
  • Line the remaining cavities with tissue paper and then fill them with macarons. If the box is too deep you can put a layer of rice underneath the macarons so that they sit higher.
  • Wrap the macaron boxes in a layer of cellophane to ensure they are completely seeled from the flowers.
  • Store the box in the fridge until you are ready to gift it.

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